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Is anyone going to the Breeders' ATP?
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No, this isn't in fact my go at a sculpture of the original cover of The Female Eunuch, but CHEESE! I thought it'd be fun to make labna. That's labna, yes.

It's an Arabic yogurt cheese, basically. You take 2kg of yogurt(!), the rind and juice of a lemon, 75ml of olive oil, a sprig or two of thyme, a larger amount of chopped mint, a tablespoon of salt, mush it all together then shove it in a feminist leotard as above, and let it drip for *two whole days*.

I love things like this, where you have to live with something for two days before it's ready.

Then you roll up the cheese into little balls and shove it all in a jar of olive oil. I think I might put a few more sprigs of thyme and mint in the jar too. YUM. The oil can then be used in breadmaking.

I wish I could think of a use for the gunk that's dripping into the bowl. Any ideas?
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As referred to yesterday!
I entered the Photography.Book.Now competition in July and then didn't think much else about it as 2000 books were entered. I got an email yesterday. Look!

Here... Scroll down to "Honorable Mentions"...

Woo hoo! Hurray! It means it'll be exhibited in San Francisco, London, Cologne and New York! Bloody HELL.


May. 26th, 2007 10:26 pm
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To the soil-based fun of the allotment! It was meant to rain today, but hurray, my naked anti-rain dance on Byres Rd at 1pm (you missed it?!) meant that it stayed dry nearly all the time, so we could work hard up there. There are now things in the ground all over the place. The digging, the worms, the mounds of earth, the manure, the smells, the wasps, seeds! So many different seeds. Borage seeds look like alien pods. Gooseberries are now growing on the bush, we made a big strawberry cage, the fennel's all joyous and huge and green and there's brand new horseradish (a bit like an overexcited dockleaf) after me thinking it had disappeared; borage and St John's wort and hyssop, so much hyssop, the borlottis and the peas and the potatoes sprouting, every single seed potato I put in gladly on a bed of manure is up; big thick treetrunk stems of garlic that throw off a whiff whenever you touch them, big asparagus trees, carrots spiking out of the bath to keep the fly away; courgettes, pumpkins and squashes with big hands outstretched. Marvellous, lovely, wonderful. I can't express how much I love it.

I love being an old man.


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